Everyday people choosing to make a difference

"I tell you the truth: Whenever you served someone that others overlooked or ignored, that was me ~ You were serving me"

Mission People organizes world wide mission trips.

Are you ready for a life changing experience? 
  • Work in orphanages all over the globe.
  • Build houses for families in third world countries. 
  • Serve on medical mission trips around the world.
  • Work with inner-city ministries across America.
  • Work at summer camps for medically fragile children with cancer, organ transplants, and other chronic medical conditions in the United States.
Our Haiti Work ~
These are areas we are actively seeking groups willing to come work. We have the resources on the ground to use your talents and skills now. Surgical teams are especially needed to work from 3 days to indefinite in a modern, clean, and well equipped surgical suite outside of Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

We are also currently setting up small, neighborhood based health clinics in Port Au Prince to provide care for injured Haitians that are unable to leave their homes due to their injuries.

Other areas ~

Mission People has the experience and ability to arrange any mission trip you can imagine. If you already have a group, we will work with you in the development of all your preparation material. This includes cultural education, work project preparation, material procurement, and assisting you in developing educational programs to present to the groups you are traveling to serve. We also provide your travel arrangements including assistnace with visas and travel documents.

If you are not associated with a group, we also put together groups of individuals to form a mission team. We provide the same services listed above for these groups. We offer web based meetings for the preparation meeting for these groups. This is an incredible way to meet like minded people and form life long friendships while serving together.

Trip preparation includes immunization advisement, fund raising tips and suggestions, background checks, and safety information regarding the area you will be visiting.

Our trips typically range from one to four weeks in length,

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